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ホーム › B › Brotha Lynch Hung (リンチ ホンの兄) › EBK4 (EBK4) › Catch You (あなたを捕まえる) Catch You (あなたを捕まえる) 歌詞 アーティスト: Brotha Lynch Hung (リンチ ホンの兄) 15. Domesplitter - Feat. Brotha Lynch Hung, C Lim 16. Banged Up - Feat. Mr. Capone-E 17. Bangin Skit 18. Close My Eyes 19. So True - Feat. DJ Battlecat 20. Lockup Skit 21. Street Life - Feat. Dominator 22. Can't Take The Hood Out Of The Homie 23. Home From Pelican Bay - Feat. Lil Demon Lynch:listen nigga listen listen, we just gon' chill at the crib, we just gon' strap up and wait nigga, don't even trip, I got me a 9mm, 44, AR15, 30ought six with a scope nigga, a Ithica 37 12gauge shotgun with a 5lb. slide nigga, we all the way nice nigga, streetsweeper and shit, pistol grip you know.

Brotha Lynch Hung (born Kevin Mann) is a rapper from Sacramento, California. Lynch's lyrics are notorious for featuring highly explicit themes, including murder, gang violence, drug use, rape, and cannibalism. Lynch debuted with the

今すぐダウンロード ¥ 1,200 でMP3アルバムを購入 画像はありません 選択したカラーの画像がありません。 サクラメントの大物Brotha Lynch Hungの2000年の名盤。今回もゴリゴリドロドロにやってくれます。SACが苦手な人はちょっと Bought this CD when it first come out about 8 yrs or so ago and I was like this is a definent classic. Well, anyways I somehow lost or lent the CD out and never saw it again. Now Brotha Lynch Hungの歌詞一覧 人気順 ビデオ・注釈付き Don't Worry Momma, It's Just Bleeding (feat. Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko & First Degree the D.E.) + End Skit (feat. C-Lim, BZO & G Macc) Brotha Lynch Hung A versatile producer as well as an excellent solo rapper in his own right, Brotha Lynch Hung was born Kevin Mann in Sacramento, California. He hooked up with Master P for a 1993 EP named 24 Deep, but then went out on his own for his debut solo album, 1995's Season of da Siccness. Mann worked on production for Master P's I'm Bout It, E-40's …


Brotha Lynch Hung 歌詞 Everywhere I Go歌詞 Break Ya Loccs歌詞 Death Dance歌詞 Get Bacc Time歌詞 I Went From歌詞 Bleeding House Mystery歌詞 Reachin' for Fame歌詞 Spitz Network歌詞 Suicide Note歌詞 Tried To Shoot

その他の形式: MP3 ダウンロード Suicide Tour: Ten Years Later by Brotha Lynch Hung Presents (2014-05-03) Brotha Lynch Hung Presents 5つ星のうち5.0 1 CD ¥8,167 ¥8,167 配送料 ¥257 残り1点 ご注文はお早めに

2004年 カリフォルニア産サクラメントから常人には到底理解することができない危なすぎる世界観の持ち主BROTHA LYNCH HUNGが監修した危険度MAXのアルバム!!迫ってくるように単調なラップが語りかけてくる4.Left Meな The discography of Brotha Lynch Hung, an American hip hop artist consists of nine solo studio albums, six collaborative studio albums, one EP's, five solo compilation albums, four collaborative compilations and three mixtapes.. 2016/10/04 Kevin Danell Mann (born January 10, 1969),[1] better known by his stage name Brotha Lynch Hung, is an American rapper and record producer from Sacramento, California known for his gallows humor and horror-themed lyrics.[2] He has been described as an innovator of horrorcore[3] and one of the forefathers of the genre, along with being one … Brotha Lynch Hung - Odd-tism (Ft. Ganksta NIP, Twisted Insane, Kung Fu Vampire) by Chris Weathers 5:11 Brotha Lynch Hung - One Time ( feat. Bad Azz) [BC Remix] by Soldado De Rumania 3:45 THE LYNCH

Brotha Lynch Hung amp; C-Bo / Blocc Movement 販売元:IITIGHT MUSIC -SHIBUYA-CD・DVD・楽器 産地:Sacramento 年代:2001 【TRACKLIST】 01.Intro 02.Gangsta (Fuck A Ho) 03.Follow My Lead 04.Flippin' Chiccens 05.187

Indie Rap/Gangsta RapのMP3、Music Video等を紹介 THA LIKSのオフィシャルサイトで、"Make Room"や、"Daaam!"などの代表曲がダウンロードできます。 できればESP (EVERYDAY STREET POETS)時代の未発表曲なんかも聴きたいところですが・・・。 hiphop,r&b,house,technoを取り扱うclub music専門店 ★買取も精力的に行っております!! お気軽にお電話ください!! 03-5738-2971★ brotha lynch hung / season of da siccness / 973 / b / g-luv掲載 ケーススレ/w cold world hustlers / iceland / 53990 / b / ケース不良 g-luv100選 comrads / comrads / 72392755312 / b / cut盤 crimies / it's gonna be alright / 5429439012 / b / キズ大 ジャケットツメ噛み